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Medical skin care products

    Tian Ran Fang Health Care Products Co. Hong Kong was founded in 2002. For more than twenty years, the company's pharmaceutical experts and master's degree students in natural plant organic have been committed to developing a series of skin health products. Remember: It is a skin care product for medical specialty, not a general beauty cosmetic! It is characterized by using natural herbal extracts as active ingredients and exert- ing its pharmacological care and health care functions according to various skin problems, so as to restore the barrier function of the skin and strengthen The skin's resistance quickly eliminates skin discomfort and restores the skin to its normal state.


    The company's aim is: "Quality first, customer first." To ensure product quality, the main raw materials of the product are selected from high-quality natural plant extracts from New Zealand, Italy, France, Spain and Australia. The products are 100% made in Hong Kong.

    Medical Skin Care for you is always our mission since established company. Tian Ran Fang Health Care Products Co is committed to advocate innovative,quality,low-priced and marked efficacy skin care products for every customer  to keep the skin health.Therefore,we have been continuously developing various series of skin care products to cater to the majority of clients' desires.


    Our products have been trusted and praised by customers since they were introduced to the Hong Kong market for more than 20 years. User feedback is: "Good effect, no side effects, can really solve a variety of skin problems and maintain skin health." At prese- nt, some products are also introduced by users to China, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and other countries. The company welcomes colleagues in the industry to expand the international market with us in any form, seek common development, share results, create a better future, and make due contributions to the fitness of humanity!




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