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 Examples of user feedback  





Example 1 :

Chan x x , male, 47 years old, office clerk, had itchy scrotum for more than a decade. The pruritus may arise at any time in Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter. He was often awakened by the itching at midnight. Although he felt very comfortable after scratch it, soon after that, it’s harder to bear the pain and itching because catching broken skin on scrotum. Recently, a friend has recommended  Nenfukang Cream to him, so he bought one tube and applied it to the itchy scrotum. Instantly the pruritus was reduced and with a very short time the pruritus was gone! He continued using the cream twice daily at morning and evening for about one week, the pruritus was completely gone and no longer arise. Now he slept soundly all night and felt very well himself.

Example 2:

Lee x x , female , 10 months baby, One day she started to get fidgety, uneasy , crying endlessly and constant scratching due to redness, relentless itching on the buttock. Her mother applied the Nenfukang Cream to the red and itchy area, and the baby received immediate relief of itch. Soon the baby calmed down, and then had a sound sleep. Afterwards, mom continued to use the cream for her daughter for a few days. Finally redness and itching of the skin subsided and reverted to the original smooth and delicate status. Amazing ! It’s really work !


Example 3:

Ho x x , male , 68 years old , is a retired worker who with dry skin type. He was extremely itchy skin after taking a bath during winter , and especially legs ,arms and back are even more serious .He used to apply ordinary moisturizer , only a short time to relieve the itching ,which could not help him to solve really the itch problem . So he started using Antitch Cream instead of applying other common moisturizer. ‘ Now, a thin coat of Antitch Cream on body after bathing in winter can avoid itching for a long time. I feel whole body is cleaned,refreshed and comfortable .’ He said.


Example 4

Wong x x , femal , 48 years old, housewife . She got so much housework that had peeling off skin and itching on her hands.For hand eczema, although she used various creams, something wrong with her hands would not go away for a few years . Her daughter began searching the internet and run across this product Tian Ran Fang’Seasons Cream and saw good review about it.  So she purchased this product for her mother trying it. It was a miracle!  Her mom applied it several times , and very soon the pruritus was taken away and within a few days the peeling off skin was gone, too.   After continued to apply it for two weeks, her hands completely restored normal now. The conditions on hand that had not arisen for a year and a half.  Hand of housewife became as soft and smooth as hand of young female clerk who was working in the office.



Examle 5 :

Lee x x , male , 37 years old , building worker . His stratum corneum of heel is very thick and hard , as hard as stone . If try to scrape away the dead skin from the heel with a knife, could only to peel it thinner , but soon grow thicker again. In the dry winter , his heel vulnerable to fissuring and bleeding , this make him very uncomfortable . So he was researching online and knew Beauty Foot Gel that can specifically deal with Stratum corneum of heel. He purchased a box of Beauty Foot Gel and apply on the wound twice daily in morning and evening . After 2-3 days, the fissure healed and after one week , the thick dead skin of heel started to become thinner and softer than ever . He insisted on applying for 2-3 weeks and then the skin of heel was as soft and smooth as normal skin. ‘ It’s now been two years since the heel skin returns to normal. In the winter, apply a little moisturizing cream after bathing , the heel never fissure and bleed any more. It’s a great product ! I’m glad I came across it. ‘ he said.




Examle 6 :

Mary , female , 28 years old ,Bank Clerk . She was traveling to Australia with her friends last year. One day, she followed the team to a local sightseeing attractions and had the misfortune to be insect bites. At first, she had itching around the neck, and then the neck came out in a rash . The itching developed into itch intense. Fortunately, a member of the tour group brought a Fukang Cream and apply instantly it for her. After a few minutes, she received immediate relief of itch. Afterwards, applied it a day or two, the rash was completely subsided, neck skin was again restored to its original healthy ,beautiful state.




Examle 7 :

Mrs Chan, female, 52 years old. Her hand and face began to appear brown or black spots in recent years. So she tried Arbutin Cream that is made by Tian Ran Fang Health Care Products Co. 'I stick with using it for a period of time, the speckles fade to almost invisible now . This product is really works ! ’  she said.



Examle 8 :

Martha, female, 21 years old, student. At the age of 16 she started to have acne almost unabated since then. More recently, the face even arose dark red nodules with pain. Therefore, she tried Dou Dou Qing Cream that contains natural herbal essence. Applied after washing the face, twice daily in morning and night time for 7 days and achieved good effect. Her pain was completely gone, dark red nodules have gradually faded, too.



Examle 9 :

Mrs Zhou, 45 years old. She had some fishtail lines around her eye corners a year ago, and are becoming more and more obvious trend of deepening wrinkles now . So she use the company’ Collagen Anti-wrinkle Lotion twice a day in the morning and evening. A week later, she felt the wrinkles under control and decided to continue using the Lotion for a period of time. Meanwhile,the Lotion reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and leaves her facial skin firmer, plump, younger-looking, vibrant and healthy.





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