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             Select suitable product

​(Care and repair of various skin problem)

1. Itchy skin (pruritus)



   a).Eczema itching:


        Nenfukang Cream / Fukang Cream 


        Natural herbal essences,Particularly suitable for care

        and repair of eczema itching which can not be cured 

        by Hormone cream.



Before care and repair​


After care and repair​

b). Dry itchy skin:


      Antitch Cream

      It may be the most effective for itching caused by



      skin dry,and apply to all age of people.Apply it



      after bathing









Before care and repair​

1b (2).jpg

After care and repair​

​2. Severely dry,fissured skin

  a). Hand and foot dry crack:

        Beauty Foot Gel/Cream/Lotion

        They  can stop pain quickly and prevent inflammation,

        protect from infection.Two or three days after applied

        it,the fissures appear to be healing.There are different

        dosage forms for you to be chosen.A bottle in hand

        which to ensure that your hand and foot will no longer

        crack for all year round.It is absolutely effective,if it

        doesn't work,you can return the item and get a full

        refund.Apply it three times daily in the morning,noon

        and night.


2 a (1).jpg

Before care and repair​

2 a (2).jpg

After care and repair​

b).Body skin dry and crack:


     Aftbath Moisturizer / Special effect Moisturizer

     High performance moisturizing and rehydrating,


     so that make the dry cracking skin quickly restore



     to normal healthy condition.



     Apply it after the bath.






Before care and repair​

2b健康 (1).jpg

After care and repair​

c). Dry,fissured facial skin:

      Noufac moisturizer

​      Deeply moisturize, nourish facial skin and keep the

      facial skin comfortable feeling of soft,smooth,and

      prevent fine lines from premature appears.

      Apply it twice daily in the morning and night.  


 家庭共享 (1).jpg

3. Hand Eczema (contact dermatitis)

   a). Mild symptoms(only desquamating,itching,pain

         in raised red spots):

         Special Effect Hand Cream

         It is the best product of caring and repairing skin,

         and can moisturizing,relieving itch and prevent skin

          from flaking.Make your hands restore healthy

          condition.Apply it after wash hand each time.

b).Severe symptoms (erythema,inflammation,

     severe itching,crack,pain)

     Seasons Cream(Hand Eczema-Special effect)

     So-called special effect that means it has a very

     efficacy for Hand Eczema.You can try it if you

     don't get better after had ever used any other

     cream,maybe it 'll give you a surprise. Apply it

     after wash hand each time.




Before care and repair​

hand images.jpg

After care and repair​

4. Wrinkles appear on skin

        On middle-aged,wrinkles began to emerge on skin:

        Collagen anti-wrinkle Lotion

        This product is able to relieve or smooth away fine

        wrinkles and also delay the formation of fine lines

        and make you keep fresh and glow young face.

        Apply it twice daily in the morning and night.  



Before care and repair​

After care and repair​

5. pigmentation on face and hand

     Grow spots on skin when people step into the

      middle or old age:

     Arbutin Cream

      Whilst relieve or eliminate stains,it can also prevent

      new spots forming.

      Apply it  three times daily in morning,noon and




images (6) - 複製.jpg

Before care and repair​

images (5) - 複製.jpg

After care and repair​

6. Acne/Pimple

         Acne-prone young people:

           Dou Dou Cream

          The product of vegetable essence,which absolutely

           not contains hormones,has efficacy of eliminating

           oil,anti-inflammatory,relieving pain and astriction.

           It is able to maintain your pretty face. 



u=2468995300,4045199920&fm=26&gp=0 - 複製.

Before care and repair​


After care and repair​

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